zoomer-robot-dogZoomer is an electronic robot dog that can bark, move around and also learn a few new tricks. This robot was designed specifically for the pet robot lovers especially children. The zoomer robot dog has an android operating system that enables human beings to learn how to train it and give it new instructions and commands. One of the greatest features about this robot pet is that it comes with a rechargeable battery together with a USB cable for charging. This is just the best toy robot for almost every kid and children do not have to worry about the batteries, as long as their is a permanent source of power they are good to use this robot.

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zoomer-robot-dog-best-friendsIn fact this machine can be alternatively used instead of a real dog or puppy to even provide security as you know it can bark and sniff around too. This robotic dog pet just operates like a real dog i.e. it can chase human beings,sniff and also sleep just like real dogs. Apart from that, this robot can also wag its tail and light up its eyes whenever it gets frightened, sounds pretty cool isn’t it?

Zoomer Robot Dog Pros:

  • Zoomer is very easy and fun to train
  • Zoomer the robot dog Can learn dozens of different tricks
  • Understands English, French and Spanish languages
  • If you press the button on Zoomer’s back, he’ll reward you with a random trick
  • A loving, loyal friend for your child for ages 5+

Zoomer Dog is a Smart Puppy Toy

Zoomer robot dog is an interactive puppy toy which equipped with multiple sensors that enable him to behave just like a real dog. Of course, like any puppy,  Zoomer dog might not always listen to you at the first time if he’s feeling rambunctious. He’s all the fun of a family pet without the mess, vaccinations and responsibility.

It is also true to say that this robotic pet has quite a number of advantages for example its owners do not have to worry about buying food for it as opposed to the real dog pets remember pet foods are normally expensive a fact which has made it quite costly to take good care of real pets. Apart from that,this robot owners do not have to worry about the veterinary costs since it is not a real pest.

Zoomer the Robot Dog is Suitable For Your Kids

However the zoomer robot dog is suitable for children between the ages of 6 to 10 years, but this does not mean that other people who do not fall in this age bracket should not buy it, one can still buy it as long as he/she is interested.It is available in most major robot and pet outlets all across the globe and you do not have to worry about the price since it is very much affordable. Read more reviews…